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A shirt that screams 'I'm rich and I'm ready for love', a futuristic dining utensil and big changes at one of the oldest online retailers. We present all that and more for you once again here at Bitterwallet, as we tiptoe through the down the lane of recent history...

• All hail the solid gold shirt!

• Big stink caused over lovely ring Facebook prize… (pictured)

Smart Fork tells you what you’re eating, in case you didn’t know

• Top notch customer relations from Lego… or a made-up bit of guff?

Festive sales were rubbish, basically

• Welcome, the Flexi-Disc Tablet!

• No longer selling to the public

• Halfords are going to teach you how to drive

• One of the iconic Monopoly pieces faces the axe

EU gets shirty with companies who try and obtain consent through the backdoor*

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  • crap
    Regurgitating old regurgitated news? Probably the most creative thing BW has ever done.

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