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wifebeatre The people of Tottenham have woken up to scenes of destruction today, but perhaps the rioters wouldn't be quite so angry if they were all regular readers of Bitterwallet. Here's the best of what they've missed this week..

* Chrome pips Firefox in the UK browser war

* Is Splatt about to try another scam? Let us know

* Have you got a spare £1,500? New figures show every household will be £1,500 worse off over next five years.

* The Whale Pool: Suitable for Tom Thumb

* Is Stella Artois really launching a new lager called Wifebeatre (pictured)? No.

* IE users have a low IQ? You’d have to be a thundering dumbass to believe that!

* Virgin offer free WiFi to London (rest of UK thinks ’screw you then!’)

* Who is hit hardest by inflation? It probably *isn’t* you

* Let’s give a small hand for this iPhone case

* Beat inflation and get cheaper beer. But there is a catch…


  • Cheesey
    Do you have Smack on offer for the rioters? Or a large portion of Let's Get Carried Away And Use This As An Excuse For A Riot becoz we is Gangsta in Tott'ham innit?
  • Dick
    I blame Branson. Give them free wifi and they arrange riots.

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