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liverpool shirt Doing 'The Rudeness' with your iPad? A shirt with a football stadium on it ? Getting spied on by your own TV?

• Become even more attached to your iPad with the Fleshlight add-on…

Ryanair profits soaring in spite of global financial nosedive

Skype to offer giftcards and tagteam with Virgin app

• Worst football merchandising ever – part 2: the Anfield shirt (pictured)

• The greatest firework display of all time (well, in 2012)

• KGBDeals customers aren’t all that happy right now

Rubbish £55 phone launches for old people

• HMRC ‘suggests’ consumers might like to boycott certain tax avoiding retailers

• Deathwatch: Stead & Simpson stores closing ‘by stealth’

• Microsoft want to spy on you through special TV

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