Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

327659 Angry Birds (good and evil)! Wills! Why Aye Man! Just some of the things that have amused and amazed us here at Bitterwallet over the past week - and here they are again!

• Apple orders 10m mini iPads

Angry Birds meet Star Wars in unstoppable gaming combination

• Forget fireworks, remember to make your Will in November

Fake ‘Bad Piggies’ app infects 80k Google Chromes

• Deathwatch: Is HTC going down the pan?

• Skype being exploited by hackers

• UK bottom of the FTTH league

• Is there a worse piece of football merchandising than Why Aye Man?

Facebook not keen on paying tax in UK

• Another price hike, from Sky, but customers can flee if they want…

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  • Mike M.
    who gives a fuck..there is just this spinning monitor in front of my that says I bum foxes

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