Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

clamped1 CDs in Primark? A blouse with a man-member on it? More meat from Tesco? It all sounds pretty implausible but it's among the stuff we've been bring you here at Bitterwallet this week. Lie back on a Dublin mattress and let it was all over you once again...

• Commercial Break: Comfortably Dublin’s most laid-back mattress seller…

• Is the Government offering a Green Deal or a bum deal?

Wheel clamping outlawed (pictured) – but will the motorist be any better off?

Primark set to start selling CDs – not good news for HMV

• For sale: 50 Shades Of Grey – pre-fingered by MILFs

Free WiFi on the high street, thanks to Skype

• Bit of a cock up on new ASOS blouse… or is it a cock down?

• ProCook are the good guys as they honour pan price error

• Tesco: Desperate to win you back with meat and drive-throughs

Year-long driving test and more expensive cars? Coming to a UK near you…

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