Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

inside the steak sandwich Here's the highlights of what has been another lip-tremblingly exciting week here at Bitterwallet, with us keeping abreast of ALL of the major consumer news stories. Look - there's even a picture of a sandwich>>>

• HMRC boss Hartnett gets golden handshake from tax-dodging corporations. Sort of…

Sunday Trading won’t change, thanks to London 2012 failure

• The end is nigh for Special Brew?

• Ryanair – the no-frills airline with the no-frills sandwiches…

• £80,000, spent on nowt

• Deal Attack! Google apps 25p sale!

BlackBerry collapse continues with some kind of ’song’

• O2 and HTC to flog phone without charger

• Are Blockbuster guilty of false advertising?

Hackers can wipe your Android with a single link

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