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23 September 2012

tumblr_manxjlTWyA1rhptwbo1_1280 Cinema ninjas? Invisible food? A colossal Apple fuff-up? It sounds like the stuff of dreams/nightmares (delete as appropriate) but in fact it's all been going on here at Bitterwallet over the past seven days. That, AND a load of other stuff. WAHEY!!!

Innovation Corner: GPS shoes and waving passwords

• Banks turn their back on the bankrupt

• Poundland: where the prices stay the same but the stock is gradually shrinking…

• It’s very possible to come out richer using payday loans. Just ask Wonga.

• Clean up your act – here come the cinema ninjas!

• It’s the HotUKDeals student essentials guide!

• The Emperor’s New Chef- pay £10 a month for food that doesn’t exist

• ‘Why I shop at Waitrose…’ promotion hijacked by Twitter pranksters

Apple Maps failing horribly all over the world (pictured)

• Who says Government is in bed with business? The tale of the Transport Minister and the Train company…

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