Bitterwallet's ten of the best

r2withcigarette Time travel is still just a dream for us human beings so for now, the nearest we can get is to look back over the past week here at Bitterwallet. Here's a recap of some of the glorious consumer-flavoured work we've pumped out in the past seven days...

* Starbucks, McDonalds… now Tesco to roll out free WiFi network

* McDonalds prefers Macs to PCs – what did you expect?

* Do I need life insurance?

* Commercial Break: Wonder if he sparked up with a lightsaber…? (pictured)

* Have you got 30 days extra to pay your tax? Result.

* A King Size with your Big Mac? The McDonald’s hotels in Switzerland

* Get your micro-money out – ITV are coming after it

* Major price cut coming for Nintendo 3DS

* Len Dastard reports – ACS:Law file sharing cases end

* Carrier bag tax – coming to a retail establishment near you

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