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quality street Eye-controlled TV sets? No-risk betting? Allocated seating with easyJet? WELCOME TO THE BEAUTIFUL FUTURE. All that and more has bedazzled us here at Bitterwallet over the past week. Come - be bedazzled all over again...!

• All hail… the eye-controlled TV set!

• Nestlé pretty much kill Christmas with shrinking sweet tins

• Crime writer: Writing his own 5-star reviews

• Can you really Fix The Odds for a no-risk bet?

• BBC iPlayer shows to be available to download to mobile devices

• Think you’ve got a Robbie Williams ticket? Think again…

• Sky Marshall O’Leary brands Ryanair passengers as ’stupid’

Allocated seating coming to easyJet

Nokia telling fibs in 920 commercial

• Amazon and Kobo unveil new devices

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