Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

bic Mobile waving payments? Massive tellies? Loopholing? What madness is this? Well, it's just a typical week here at Bitterwallet. Here, get your eyeballs around our best bits from the past seven days...

Throw away your TV set – it’s no use any more….

• Everything Everywhere ready to roll out mobile-waving payments with Mastercard

• Bic invents a new pen just for girls (pictured)

• Want a cheap flight? Travel on a Tuesday

• Is there something SHÅDI going on at IKEA?

Apple’s training guide for Genius Bars reveals banned words and huge irritation

UK Nova closes after pressure from Fact’s cyber cops…

• LoopHole your way to 54% off your games, Blu-rays, tech and gadgetry (or even a £50 note!)

Odeon complaint gets 100k Facebook likes and 10k comments!

• Thinking of switching your energy provider? Bitterwallet’s top 5 tips

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