Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

bad-apple Tasteless booze! An embalmed musician! Muppets at war with a gay-hating chicken restaurant! All that and more has lit up the world of Bitterwallet like an Olympic firework display over the past few days. Here's the best of the week for you all over again...

• Why drink foul-tasting booze when you can drink Air instead?

• Apple to annoy everyone with new adapter (pictured)

• Government say it is ‘morally wrong’ to pay cash-in-hand

• Hello to Ofcom’s 4G mobile auction plans

Dead jazz musician thinks outside the box at own funeral…

Car insurance hiked to an average of £1000 a year!

• Raspberry Pi smart glasses translates spoken foreign languages in real time

• Bonkers NMA bring Muppet gay marriage chicken row to life

• As bacon is branded Brits’ number one food – here’s six of the best

TalkTalk to ‘revolutionise’ PayTV while Sky make iPad app a remote control

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