Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

Bitterwallet - fake Apple Store China It's been a pretty rubbish week for the world and that, but here's ten shining beacons of hope, all carefully extracted from right here, your faithful Biterwallet internet website...

* Bribery and Corruption- no its not the NOTW, it’s

* Ryanair – never one to miss an opportunity

* O2 mess up promoting Priority Moments app again, blame everyone else

* Crivens! Made In Britain logo is launched!

* Meet the man who’s selling your private data

* TVCatchup swats away legal challenge from ITV

* Meet the cheapest 2 year loan deal going- a credit card

* China take Apple fakery to the extreme with fake Apple Stores (pictured)

* New Sky Go app seems nice if you’re happy to line Rupert’s pockets

* McDonalds aims to break records, ruin hearts at London Olympics

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