Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

mcdonalds african americans Chuggers! Wee-watchers! Vintage racism! Just some of the stuff that has rocked your world on Bitterwallet over the past week or so. And in case you missed it... here it is again!!!

• Charity muggers to be investigated

Google TV: Coming to a living room near you

OFT warns Groupon-a-likes over inflated prices

• Manchester’s secret wee-watchers

• High streets tingle with excitement at thought of Microsoft stores entering them

• Rogue Trader biker pleads guilty to benefit fraud – you couldn’t make it up

Anyone for dinnertimin’? You don’t have to get dressed up… (pictured)

• Beware! The unbeatable Rock Paper Scissors robot monster is among us…

• Google unveil the Nexus 7 tablet

• Deathwatch: RIM cut 28% of staff, delay new BlackBerry

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