Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

Adidas_shackles Slave shoes! Wacky vintage Apple clothing! Urban toyshops! All that and more has bewitched and bedazzled your 'asses' over the past week here at Bitterwallet. Get all nostalgiaish by wallowing in the best stuff all over again...!

• Now T-Mobile adjust their roaming charges…

• Gadzooks! Microsoft go tablet daft with the Surface!

• Adidas scrap ’slave’ trainers

• Danger Will Robinson! Facebook set to welcome under-13s into the fold!

• Hey! Remember Apple’s 1986 clothing range?

• The lowest price and cheapest deals aren’t always best?

• Europe thinks we’re all still being ripped off by telcos

66 hours of traffic jams for drivers

Dixons looking to close 60 high street stores and transform others into ‘urban toyshops’

• Tesco and their creative use of the English language

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