Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

Metal_mickey Spy planes! Roaming! A glory hole! All that and more has tickled your mind over the past few days if you've allowed it to. Here's the best bits all over again...

•  Apple employ spy planes that can film you through your skylight

•  28% of people calling HMRC give up trying to get through

•  Part-time shop workers now officially better off on the dole?

•  Sainsbury’s snap up large chunk of ebook something or other (pictured)

•  Vodafone customers can roam EU for £3 a day

•  We don’t trust banks and the banks don’t trust us

•  Draw money out of cashpoint with mobile phone

•  Not the most religious name we’ve ever come across…

•  Habbo Hotel site muted after investigation finds widespread kiddie-corrupting wrongness

•  Did The Big Switch actually cost you money?

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