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choupette3_2240403a Toxic football shirts! Taxman vs torch carriers! An M&S bank! All that and more has been in your actual faces over the past few days. If it HASN'T, it can be now. COOL!

• Thomas Cook flogging off cheap Olympic ticket & travel packages

Toxic Euro 2012 shirts should be banned

• Google and ’state sponsored hacking’

• Linkedin users urged to change passwords after suspected hack

• HMRC attempts to put the willies up Olympic torch sellers

• LazarusWatch: Clinton saved as American Greetings snap up remaining stores

• Marks & Spencer poised to open an actual bank!

O2 and Vodafone joining forces in something that may or may not be significant

• Don’t have an iPad? You’re less significant than Karl Lagerfeld’s cat (pictured) then

• Frankie Cocozza fan forces Facebook to reveal identity of cyberbullies

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