Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

London-2012 Stuff! Other stuff! Different other stuff! Yes, it's the best of the past week here at Bitterwallet again. Sail THAT down the Thames if you dare...

• Commercial Break: Bong, twang, slap – it’s the condom orchestra

Use your phone to pay for travel

• Kellogg’s celebrate jubilee with ace cereal boxes

• Commercial Break: Pringles make bizarre Little Hand Tribe ad

• All aboard on Qatar for you and your falcons…

• Roll up roll up for the Tour de Trump…

OFT smell something fishy in car insurance market

Kensington and Chelsea doesn’t want superfast broadband because it’s ugly

• MoneySavingExpert pockets himself a packet

• London 2012 fans to be left without money thanks to Visa-only idiocy

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  • Mike H.
    The last '10' stories then, Andy?

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