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penisleggings_01 The new Wii controller! Rude leggings! Annoying mascots! All that and more wowed you all over the past week here at Bitterwallet so HERE IT IS AGAIN! You're welcome.

Waterstones to stock Kindles and e-books in their stores

• Commercial Break: A perfect marriage of mediocrity – ITV and England – finally comes good

• Everything but the kitchen sink for Nintendo Wii U controller

• Legal news: The meter’s running for new Streatham taxi firm

• Will the £159 broadband computer bundle get everyone online?

• Passengers say no to Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight mobile call plans

• All hail the penis-daubed leggings (pictured)

• Supermarket special offers mislead shoppers

Ten Advertising Mascots That Should Be Taken Out And Shot

• Tablet sales rocketing as Microsoft prepare an 80″ monster tablet

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