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Things! Stuff! Other bits and pieces! All that and more has infected your eyes this week if you've been carefully reading Bitterwallet. Now here some of it is AGAIN!!??!!

• Virgin Atlantic to offer full mobile phone use in the sky

• O2 announce roaming data cuts

• TalkTalk customers get nannied over porn

• Amazon to launch new Kindle in July

• That’s a bit… erm, graphic, is it not?

• Man mutilates self in order to carry out weak iPod stunt (pictured)

• What is your ‘never again’ brand or store?

New fat tax on cans of the good stuff. Where will it all end?

• McDonalds now mulling over introducing waiter service

• Something doesn’t add up with Specsavers contact lens solution deal

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  • Mike H.
    You mean the last 10 stories, then?

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