Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

lightbulb Dog muck! Light bulbs! Cheap rail tickets! All those and more have been tap-dancing in the spotlight at Bitterwallet over the past week. Here they are again...

Dump your dog’s doings and get free wi-fi in return

• Looks like VoucherDigg have dug themselves into a bit of a hole…

Wonga offering business loans in 15 minutes

• Aaargh! 55,000 Twitter passwords leaked by hackers

O2 customers chuckling over forthcoming Tu Me app

• Deathwatch: Sony in £3.5bn worth of trouble

Light bulbs that last 20 years?! Have we reached paradise?

Must-have purchase of the day

• Is The Big Switch a Big Swizz?

• Now split fare rail tickets are easier to get. A bit.

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  • The B.
    Can you do an article on what a shambolic balls up the 3rd round Olympic ticket sales were so I can be smug about avoiding the entire debacle by buying them from Germany.

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