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6 May 2012

Virgin Atlantic Launches Upper Class Ice Cube Clouds! Fraud! Richard Branson ice cubes! Just some of the wild and wacky things that have infested the world of Bitterwallet over the past few days. Here's the best of the bunch...

• Even though we can’t afford holidays, MPs think we need more protection

• First glimpse of new iPhone 5 security feature?

LG introduces cloud service across smartphones, smart TVs and PCs

Apple under scrutiny from ASA over iPad 4G claims

Nokia unveil the 41Mp phone – we wonder why

Insurance fraud alive and well in the UK

• All hail the Richard Branson ice cube….

Taking a 5-year-old for a tan? We don’t think it even happened

• Pirate Bay claims record traffic, posts advice on getting round court block

• Commercial Break: The Christian movie that’s fighting porn with horror

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  • Mike H.
    10 of the last 10 stories then? And still nowt about Apple being sued for price fixing of iPad eBooks? I would imagine that is a massive story for a consumer championing blog such as this? You'd rather go with dog shit for wifi stories? Dopey fucking cretins.

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