Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

KW-slate-02-lg._V166950133_ Offensive marketing! Car rental sharks! The end of Nintendo? All that and slightly more, recapped here for you from the collective might of the Bitterwallet team over the past seven days. Suck it up, fools - suck it HARD!

• Would mobility scooter owners be Dead Happy to have secret stickers stuck on them?

Aviva fires over 1,300 workers by mistake like massive idiots

John Lewis now selling broadband for some reason

• UK launch for Amazon Kindle Touch 3G

• Will writers are rubbish, so they’re going to face legal services regulators!

Watch out for sharks when hiring a car abroad…

Hotels4U loses a tremendous £120,000 after social media campaign

• Deathwatch: Nintendo post worrying losses

• Ryanair to whack extra charges on flights already booked

• Is Google Drive stealing all your stuff?


  • Mike H.
    I was in such a good mood until the moderation feature kicked in again. Not now though. Now I am in a great mood. Life is sweet; I'm not going to let the little things wind me up anymore.
  • Mike H.
    Don't know who that cunt is ^^ it ain't me.
  • Phuck Y.
    10 of the best? You meant the last 10 stories didn't you, Andy?
  • Boris
    @Mike Is it April? She was some top totty from Uni. Bish bosh and all that.

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