Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

pontins-brean-400 Solicitors in libraries! Tellies in Ikea! Chaos in Pontins! All that and more has enhanced the gorgeous internet pages of Bitterwallet over the past week. Here's the best stuff for you all over again...

• European Commission to investigate mobile operators’ joint mobile wallet plan

• QUIET…this is a library…that now offers legal advice…

• Commercial Break: Don’t copy everything you see in adverts. Please.

• Ikea plan to move into the world of electronic goods

Is your music collection worth a fortune? Better insure it then.

• Are you coughing up for needless insurance costs?

HMRC to be sued by UK Uncut for that £10m ‘gift’ to Goldman Sachs?

• Pontins not backing down over last-minute holiday cancellations

Norwich score own goal in PR match with web-surfing kid

• It’s all the same once you get north of Watford…

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  • Mary H.
    So, the last 10 stories, then? No one gives a flying fuck what the 10 of the best were Andy, stop fucking padding. If you want summa t to do, go back through all the stories and change those offending articles from Which! to Which? you fucking cretins!

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