Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

ApiqqlgCIAAYuCg Payday loans! Ad-sabotage! Barry from Eastenders! Just some of the white-hot consumer news that we've brought you over the past seven days. And some other stuff...

* Government planning to monitor all our calls, texts, emails and web use

* Ofcom to bump Freeview in favour of 4G

* Who’s the winner in the new peer-to-payday loans genre?

* Wifebeater takes a battering from Brown Ale… (pictured)

* All hail the picnic table jeans!

* Vagrants! Pret A Manger want you!

* When is a Meatloaf not a Meatloaf? When it’s Barry from Eastenders

* After just one year, Tesco closes second-hand car website

* Tweet your way to last-minute face value tickets…

* Smartphones to be replaced by Google’s goggles


  • Red K.
    Hi Andy, I just wanted to say thank you for the pleasure you bring from this website. You must get quite a lot out of it yourself, seeing you're having to moderate the wonderful comments left behind by the well balanced people that seem to frequent this establishment. You must whince at every wildlife comment left behind. Still don't like the redesign mind you.
  • Andy D.
    @Red Ken, I appreciate that you're probably busy creating false tax returns at the moment in between giving your lovely wife/secretary a pay rise/root, but the word is spelt wince not whince.
  • Boris
    Stop being mean to cunt faced Red Ken Mr Dawnson, he was only trying to be nice. Remember that Ken is technically not a homo sapien due to his mother using newt sperm. He does his best with an IQ slightly lower than Mof. Out of respect for his disability I have decided not to mock him anymore.

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