Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

This is the kind of interesting thing people will shoot on their 3D cameras

Rip-off cinemas! A super squirrel! Cash mobs? Just some of the things that we've dazzled you with over the past week here at Bitterwallet - and here's the very best of them again!!

* Are cinemas looking to drop 3D prices and raise 2D prices to cover costs?

* Barclays card details can be stolen with NFC-enabled phones

* Charity donation outrage over at GiffGaff HQ

* Commercial Break: Cain probably not able to become President with this bunny-blasting ad

* The Cash Mobs are here to snub big business and help the small trader

* The greatest eBay item of all time…?

* Some ‘facts’ about the next Playstation console

* Deathwatch: Clinton Cards report nasty losses

* Big News Klaxon: Your GAME Reward Cards have been reactivated

* ISA nearly the end of the tax year


  • Boris
    I do not like foxes.
  • Basil B.
    @Boris - that's not what you said last night - Boom Boom!
  • Boris
    Let me put a stop to this madness! Andy Dawson has literally suffered a mental breakdown while having to moderate the hundreds of comments made on this page today; the sheer vitriol of the good readers has corrupted his mind and he has now had to retire to bed with some restricted medication and his childhood bear ‘Nixon’. He has forwarded me the comments through the day and I have grown more and more concerned. I know now that I should have acted sooner. I must apologise; my previous posting was intended as an ‘April Fools’ joke but many, many people have misinterpreted it and I am sorry that this has been the case. Some, those that do not know me as well as they think, thought that I was serious and have also denounced foxes and the foxing lifestyle. I am very sorry to have hurt these followers and to have made them anxious about their ‘country ways’. Others, those that know that I could never really abandon my vixen companions, feared that Red Ken has hijacked my secure user ID and had posted the derogatory remark. In their understandable anger they may have gone too far with their highly imaginative death threats against him and his pathetic minions. While I know that their hearts are in the right place, and their actions would not be really criminal due to diminished responsibility, they should know that murdering a slimy weasel is beneath them. I am so sorry that this has been taken the wrong way. Personally, I will learn a valuable lesson from this media madness. Those of us placed in positions of almost unlimited power must accept almost unlimited responsibility. I have therefore sacked my communications spokesperson (who is wank) for ‘green-lighting’ this jolly jape and a lady that makes my tea for using semi-skimmed milk. I hope that this brings the awful affair to some satisfactory conclusion.
  • Mike H.
    WTF? Is dis^^ real?!

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