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Screen Shot 2012-03-20 at 11.59.06 Neville Southall? Hot iPads? Ryanair in bother with the authorities? Yes, all that and slightly more from the past seven days is rounded up here for your re-ingestion. Tuck in crimefighters!

* Are privatised roads coming courtesy of the Coalition government?

* Ads kill your Android battery

* Just £99 to ring Neville Southall for an hour? Yes please!

* Call Of Duty is massive terrorist training camp

* New iPad reaches 116 degrees while running games!

* Ryanair investigated over exit seats charge

* Sky to weigh in with their own streaming video pay TV offering thing

* Student Loans Company in gigantic email balls-up

* Google get patent for salient weather-based ads

* Government hell-bent on spoiling all our boozy fun

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  • Mike H.
    "Is that Peter Shilton? Sorry wrong number..."

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