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odd-robot A knackered old house, celebs tweeting about chocolate, great razorblades and the death of the book shop - just some of the stuff that we've covered over the past few days here at Bitterwallet. Catch up now or miss out forever - possibly.

* Are Android apps passing your personal data to advertisers?

* House for sale: one not-so-careful previous owner

* The Politician, The Newspaper Mogul and the ‘grubby’ tax deal

* Judge says Google is ‘passive wall’

* Shave money with DollarShaveClub

* Your consumer guide to buying goods and services

* Celebrities endorsing Snickers through Twitter are fine say ASA

* Abercrombie & Fitch ordering surly staff to do press-ups (pictured)

* New server? That’ll be $2,591… or $768. Depends who you are.

* Book sales plummet as eBook power grows

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