Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

DINONONON Oh my OMG - transgender-spotting, a soup company in bother, Richard Branson's porn plans and crushed limbs on Facebook. Just another typical round-up of the best stuff from the past few days here at Bitterwallet...

* Commercial Break: Keep calm and carry on

* Paddy Power wanders aimlessly into transgender horse-racing row

* Mobile providers losing mega money as fewer use SMS

* Government to keep details of every phone call, text message, email and internet search

* Soup company in hot water over competition

* Want to know about Facebook’s views on nudity and crushed limbs?

* Claire’s Accessories' new necklaces are beautifully designed…

* Brace yourselves for – an odyssey of adult entertainment

* 4G ready to roll, but could cause interference problems

* Channel 4’s ticket-reselling investigation nails Viagogo

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