Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

Old-Fridge Pub chainsaw rampaging, made-up place names and 'the funniest video in the world' - just some of the tremendous stuff and nonsense that we've brought you over the past few days

* From chain-smoking to chain-sawing – how one man’s day can go spectacularly wrong

* Behold! The electronic cheque!

* Supermarkets inventing places to make you buy premium food

* All hail the Which! energy comparison tool

* Mystery shopper?

* Pingit – now pinging money around from phone to phone

* Google unveil YouTube’s funniest video – apparently

* Ryanair’s saucy ads result in an ASA spanking

* Tax avoidance is OK for civil servants (but not the rest of us)

* Is this what Wonga thinks of Whitney?

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