Bitterwallet's ten of the best

smart-meter-300x200 Bask in our glory now, as we relive the most memorable moments of the past week here at Bitterwallet. See, we even treat you like kings and queens at the weekends...

Cheap Playstation 3s to hit the shelves soon?

*  Are insurance companies passing your details to personal injury lawyers without permission?*

Worst airports EVER – which are yours?

*  There’s no hiding airline card fees anymore, say OFT

*  BT under pressure to stop you watching films online

Greenpeace attack VW with spoof of Darth Vader commercial

*  Don’t make small complaints to Aer Lingus staff or they’ll get the police on you

*  David Gray Sells Album Exclusively Through Groupon – his mum Buys 454 Copies

‘Smart meters’ (pictured) might be a bit thick according to National Audit Office

*  The cost of calling in Europe just got cheaper

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