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29 January 2012

dealimage2 Picture-sizing weirdness. Picture-stealing weirdness. Dodgy mince. Yes, it's been another week of hyperreal magnificence here at Bitterwallet. Relive the best bits here.

* Are Gumtree guilty of picture size shenanigans? (pictured)

* Pay-freeze to last ’til 2020! Hurray!

* Would you like to know exactly how the Government is spending the money you pay in taxes?

* Iceland recall lamb mince in salmonella scare

* McDonalds and LA Fitness fall foul of sharp-minded Tweetists

* O2: Sharing your mobile number with every website you visit

* H&M’s creative team aren’t looking very nice today

* Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom refused bail (also: insane neighborhood watch retort)

* ‘Do we need to check how it looks from outside the shop?’

* Will the next Xbox console block used games? So what happens now?

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