Bitterwallet's ten of the best

600px-Mars_and_Syrtis_Major_-_GPN-2000-000923 Flying pizzas, investing in outer space, a dodgy solicitor getting his comeuppance and some excellent customer service work from M&S. Just your typical week here at Bitterwallet really...

* Commercial Break: All hail the Pizza Boomerang! (NSFW)

* Ryanair charging passengers for something they get for free? Surely not.

* Is this the death of poundshops?

* Overdrafts? More confusing than Ted Rogers’ 321 questions

* Screw gold, we’re saving up for some Mars rock

* Amazon win our Best Company of 2011 award

* Finally, disgraced lawyer Andrew Crossley is dealt with by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

* Why don’t retailers have to honour misprices?

* Starbucks-dwelling chump of the year

* M&S honour mispriced Panasonic TV

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