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some eunuchs, yesterday

Poncy little socks, threats of mass suicide, the dumping of filth on the doorsteps of tax dodgers and a video game with some massive knockers in it - just some of the things that we've brought you at your favourite consumer-flavoured website over the past week. Here they are again, along some some of our other pearls of genius...

* Netflix bring their streamertainment to the UK. Yes, streamertainment.

* Men! Slip these macho pieces of cotton over your useless toes

* Vile advert to promote ‘video game’ banned in UK

* O2 want the vouchers back that they accidentally gave their new customers

* Mass suicide by Foxconn workers narrowly averted

* blatantly shafts its customers, crying ‘pricing error’

* Why Can’t HMRC be as creative as the Indian tax authorities? Rubbish and Eunuchs (pictured).

* Starbucks customers revolt over reward card changes

* Doomed ticket exchange Scarlet Mist makes a comeback

* EasyJet include surcharges in headline prices, whatever that means

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