Bitterwallet's ten of the best

paypal smashed violin Another year is underway and the juggernaut of consumer-flavoured genius that is Bitterwallet shows no sign of slowing down. Get out of the way losers!

*  Sick of your Christmas presents? Don’t flush them down the loo, eh?

*  All hail the Steve Jobs action figure!

*  PayPal order destruction of WWII violin

*  Get this – Microsoft accuse Comet of flogging pirated software

*  Woman does a poo in a shop

*  51 years service and they give you THIS?

*  The Worst Company In Britain 2011 is… TalkTalk

*  Pepsi claim that Mountain Dew dissolves dead mice

*  All hail the Dark Vador burger – or perhaps not

*  UK malls quietly start tracking you through your mobile

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  • Mike H.
    I blasted my Steve Jobs action figure with radiation, that killed that too.

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