Bitterwallet's ten of the best

Amazon-Kindle-Fire It's ALL been going on at Bitterwallet this week - we've been shutting down post offices, hiring out the neighbours cars and introducing strangers to each other on aeroplanes. Standard. Here's the best bits...

* Scotrail ticket skirmish – too much or not enough?

* Hire your car out for money with easyCar (what countless things could possibly go wrong?)

* Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the unhappy customers

* Who needs proper Post Offices? 2,000 to close next year.

* GAME again deny selling used games as new…

* ‘No TV Smartness for us’ say scruffyvision Brits

* KLM plan some kind of virtual seat dating nonsense

* Organic hippie food slumps in recession

* Ugh. Witness the ‘haul video’. Ugh.

* The rich to give 10% of their wealth to the poor this Christmas

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