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31a4334b134ca13897502734d510699f Imagine that your advent calendar only had ten doors in it and that behind every door was a devastatingly fascinating and entertaining piece of consumer news from the past week instead of chocolate and that you had to open all the doors in one go. Sounds improbable? Nope - it'd be just like this...

* Horrible horrible horrible horrible

* Dodgy Siri comes to iPhone 4. Don’t – it’s not worth it.

* Who are the ‘loan sharks’ charging 800,000% interest? That’s right- the High Street Banks…

* Spotify to hit Blackberry and Linux

* Asda lops £20 off price of Kobo WiFi e-book reader

* Will you be taking out a payday loan sometime soon?

* Groupon rack up their 50th ASA ruling of the year!

* Do not desire these women (pictured). They are not real.

* Barclays to hammer the poorest by tripling fines on standard accounts

* Nintendo’s 3DS finally comes good as pre-Christmas sales rocket

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