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4 December 2011

q1aexz Tired? Listless? Bored? Reinvigorate your entire being with this - our round-up of the finest stories from the past seven days of Bitterwallet, the Mario Balotelli of consumer websites.

* Worst Company in Britain 2011- start the nominations NOW!

* Farepak administrators set to make much more than savers

* Man finds rotten tooth in his Tesco yoghurt

* Fed up of cold calls? Some anti-social callers are beyond even the TPS

* Refreshing honesty from record shop staff (pictured)

* Amazing invisble screen for super private browsing!

* Could the Kobo be a genuine UK rival for the Kindle?

* ASA explain what ‘free’ means – now let’s talk about the definition of ‘unlimited’ please

* Apple sack employee after they go on big ol’ Facebook rant

* Groupon to get the beady eye treatment from the Office of Fair Trading

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