Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

mario_3d_tanooki Ten of the best? Dear readers, it could have five thousand three hundred and seventy nine of the best - THAT's how strong your favourite strengthy consumer website has been this week. But for contractual reasons, it's just ten.

* Asimo – the future of robots is finally here

* Now BlackBerry users can save money with GiffGaff

* A cheap eBook a day with Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal

* Commercial Break: CGI in Ghana movies is beyond belief

* Pogoplug: 5GB of free cloud storage. Seems reasonable.

* PETA accuse Mario gamers of being bloodthirsty fur-wearers (pictured)

* Deathwatch: Game announce another profit warning

* Tesco criticised for misleading ad campaign, which is a massive shock to everyone

* Top retailers scooping unpaid workers from heaving UK dole heap

* World’s bacon obsession can finally end… badly

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