Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

Screen Shot 2011-11-07 at 17.06.22 It's Remembrance Day! So let's remember the best stories from this here website from the past seven days or so...

* Best Buy throws in the towel. Is this the beginning of the end for big box electronics?

* Rogue smartphone apps run up giant phonebills

* Nostalgic Fellows ain’t what they used to be… (pictured)

* Now publicity-hungry Ryanair are planning in-flight porn

* Want a sofa in time for Christmas? Tough.

* Comet sold for less than the price of a pint

* No more cheap CDs. Channel Island VAT relief finally bites the dust

* Best Buy store flooded with pretend staff – management struggle to cope

* HSBC threaten to leave UK

* Public WiFi not being taken on by public because it’s too confusing


  • Milky
    That's low even for you lot, considering the fuss / reportage you made of the Cornetto scenario. This is an important occasion, also the fact that this is the 90th anniversary (Haig fund now poppy appeal) should even get into your brains. Bitterwallet sometimes crass sometimes funny, sometimes a great big fucking fail like this less than witty tagline. Remembrance is about loss, the carnage & misery that war brings, awareness & disdain go a long way towards keeping things sane in times of conflict, which is why we should never forget. Have some respect you bunch of cunts. what a cheap shot! ..fuckwits
  • Wwhat s.
    Pretty much what the first poster said, A bit of decorum wouldn't go a miss here lads.
  • Oil
    Was thinking the same thing, you jump on other people for stupid comments but happily make them yourself.
  • The D.
    Yes, don't make fun of the misery of war. Fall in line and show respect. It's compulsory. Let's firebomb those fuckers at the BBC for Allo Allo.
  • Paddy
    What Milky said. +1 From a serving member of HM Forces.
  • Arthur P.
    Milky had it spot on. Idiots.
  • I M.
    Completely agree with what has been said already. The 2 minutes silence needs to be inclusive of all blogs, in fact the entire internet, and should extend at least until the 13th November you thoughtless cunts. WW1 killed 35 million people but the Spanish Flu pandemic killed 100 million in 1918/19, so lets have a weeks silence for that added on to the end. Smallpox killed over 300 million people in the twentieth century, so lets just keep silent for the whole of November (and lest we remember our smallpox vaccines). And don't forget heart diseases (google the number, I can't be arsed), lest we remember to eat less crap.
  • Faddy
    more people have died from vaccines and medications than have ever died from wars
  • Wonky H.
    I'm remembering the last time I bummed a fox....*sigh*
  • Dick
    I forgot it was remembrance day yesterday.

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