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Load up on guns and bring your friends... to our round-up of the best stories from Bitterwallet from the past seven days!

*  iPad still winning thanks to hopeless Android ads

Beer and wine (pictured) costs a fortune, and is likely to cost even more. Sigh.

*  Microsoft again warning about support scams

*  What’s the juice with Orange’s new terms and conditions?

*  No. You can’t move house. Or have children – lenders refuse to let customers move mortgages

*  Carphone Warehouse play ball with PlayBook ‘viral’ video

*  The rise of the misleading Facebook ads

*  Will the new Amazon tablet really be a tablet at all?

*  Travelodge customer database hacked or stolen

*  Commercial Break: A cheap bit of Hartlepool monkey business

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  • Jerec
    Beer and wine (pictured) Actually thats just a Beer.

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