Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

apfelkind_apple The clocks have gone back an hour but we're going back a WEEK, with the round-up of the best of the stuff that we've done over the past seven days. How's THAT for a smooth intro?

* Anti-Deathwatch: Highland Toffee and Wham bars are saved!

* Spot the difference – Apple v Apfelkind

* Will mobile phone operators lose their ’stealth tax’ just to be nice to people?

* Tesco will give you quick cash for your electrical goods. Hang on, no they won’t

* Can you touch the stuff you bought with Paypal? If not, you’ve got no buyer protection

* Your lust for clapping robot hands has been satiated

* Massive job losses mean more high street misery

* Double Deathwatch: Clinton Cards and Blacks in big trouble

* It’s taken a while, but the store card penny has finally dropped

* Grainger mob mar Games Media Awards

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