Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

golden_poo_cropped What did YOU do this week? Better than this lot was it? Yeah, thought not.

* Asda join in the supermarket war and give away free money

* BOOB TAX. Sorry lads, it’s true.

* Robot News: Japan FINALLY brings us the hair-washing robot

* Don’t have enough cash to pay your energy bill? Why not stick it on your credit card

* Deathwatch: Argos profits plummet yet again

* Apple set to anger non-believers by closing stores for Steve Jobs memorial

* 2,700 will die this winter from fuel poverty

* Man jailed after ‘ambitious’ gold-making plan turns to…

* £1 from every £10 is spent online

* Beef v pork – it’s time for the public to decide

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