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jeremy-clarkson-cyclops Wearable bird cages, shopping centre Nazis and a child that doesn't know that a magazine isn't an iPad. They're just some of the treasures that we've served up for you this week. All those and more can be found for you to cast your eyes over again right here right now...

* Massive ice cream-related terror attack foiled in Glasgow shopping centre

* New ‘death tax’ means it will cost you £170 to make sure your relatives are dead

* Miffed moviegoer sues over misleading Drive trailer

* Now your feathered pet can get a birds-eye view of everything!

* Idiot crashes McLaren supercar at factory gates

* Your iPhone 4S tariff comparison guide

* WH Smith hurls itself into the e-reading wrestle ring

* Clarkson-voiced Top Gear satnav blocked in BBC policy mix-up

* Daddy, why isn’t this paper iPad working?

* Your mobile phone is probably covered in deadly germs

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  • The M.
    Where did you get the picture of Clarkson giving me a blowjob from?

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