Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

ryanair-cash-passport-card In among all the spelling and grammatical errors, the misinformation and the downright stupid stuff, we managed to knock out a few decent articles over the past week. Here's the best of them...

* Why an increase in minimum wage means the poorest will be poorer than ever

* OFT investigate payday loan companies

* Stelios plans new airline – let’s tell him what to do

* Can you work out your energy bill? You’re cleverer than an accountant then.

* Free Odeon cinema tickets for O2 customers

* Ryanair’s new free Cash Passport (pictured) is littered with charges

* Facebook fixes the glitch that spied on you while you were logged off

* First the cut price Kindle… now an Amazon eBook sale?

* Three to run out of spectrum in 2012, which is just brilliant

* Don’t mess with a ‘retail superstar’

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