Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

AZylWfCCEAE1CkA You can't beat a bit of nostalgia, so here's the greatest moments from the past few days of your award-winning consumer website of choice. Coming soon - Bitterwallet: The Movie. Possibly.

* Emotional blackmail? Young Writers competition where you’ve got a good chance of winning, and forking out £16

* Now Amazon install collection lockers in office blocks too…

* Car insurance too high? You can get free no claims discounts from the right insurer.

* Commercial Break: T-Mobile turn into parking pranksters

* Coneing attempt fails miserably – the fightback begins

* Tesco say it’s okay to write down prices after all

* Windows 1 v Windows 8 – have we really come this far?? (pictured)

* TalkTalk top yet another customer service bile-poll

* Beleaguered Bing loses Microsoft $5.5 billion… so far

* Len Dastard takes a look at the Visa Chargeback scheme

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