Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

old-spice-sea-captain This week has mostly been a time of remembrance and the rememberinging of things. So let's try and remember this week a bit harder, with our round-up of the best of Bitterwallet's 'output' over the past seven days...

Man sees, touches and then talks about new Amazon Kindle tablet

WH Smith equate gay lifestyle magazines to smut

Which! ready to bully the government into outlawing travel card charges

Are airlines pocketing your tax refund? Most likely.

Nasal spray company finds perfect sport to sponsor

Amazon coming to shopping malls – with collection lockers

Deathwatch: Is it almost over for Argos?

Google sells patents to HTC so they can sue Apple in the bitchiest bitchfest ever

Commercial Break: Forget Old Spice Guy, here’s the sea captain! (pictured)

Arsenal turn their legal armoury on poor, bewildered Spanish hat-seller

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