Bitterwallet's ten of the best

light-bulb Here's the ten best things that have been on the whole of The Internet this week. Weirdly, they were all here at Bitterwallet. Own trumpet? Blown? What??

The future is here! With the iPad shopping trolley!

FixMyTransport – an easier way to moan about rubbish train rides

Good news for gym members – Len Dastards reports

Now boarding – the next big efficency for airlines?

Hitler reacts to the HP Touchpad selling out (and has a pop at HUKD)

PayPal joins the police force to tackle piracy

Low-price Amazon tablet coming by Christmas?

Stop what you’re doing! This news just in…

60 watt light bulbs – get ‘em while you still can

Hey there you sick freaks – fancy one of these for lunch?

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