Bitterwallet's ten of the best...

spam Nostalgia time again, as we go scuttling back through the past seven days of magnificence here at Bitterwallet, selecting the finest stories and holding them aloft like trophies. Look at our stuff!

* UK Paypal still deny *that* affair with HMRC, but let your details slip anyway

* Scottish? Doomed to suffer slow broadband? “Cheer up,” says Government!

* Rogue credit brokers fleecing more of us than ever before

* It’s official – everyone is to blame for higher car insurance premiums

* Apple Store opening resembles gathering of some kind of sick cult

* Jet2 must jettison excess baggage claims, says ASA

* How to save 38% on cheap eBay ‘Buy It Now’ purchases

* Argos sack long-standing worker for pair of moany Facebook updates

* Is Groupon’s customer service a great deal worse than it should be?

* Spam SMS from loan companies (pictured) – what you should (and shouldn’t) do

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