Bitterwallet's must-not-buy list: No. 3 - the Croc pet bed

whitesasquatchbeddog Is it a giant Croc or is it a tiny wee dog? Or both? Or neither? Gaaaahhhhhhh!

In fact it’s a giant Croc, or at least a pet bed in the shape of a giant Croc. As the fortunes of the faddy shoe begin to fade the chances of this taking off are slimmer than Portsmouth’s chances of winning the Premier League in May.

Would anyone in their right mind really put one of these things in their home? Even allowing for the fact that some people are hardcore fans of the Honey I Shrunk The Kids films and would regard ownership of one of these as a major victory.

The sensation it would cause when you casually glanced at it and briefly believed that you yourself had shrunk down to the size of a teaspoon would surely be too much to handle.

The Sasquatch (as it is called) is 31" long x 14" wide and 14" tall. It sells for $99.95.

Down with this sort of thing!


  • PewPewPewLasers
    Fuck me! Where can I get one?
  • Nobby
    Honey, a giant stamped on your dog.
  • KJ
    to be honest, knowing pet owners, they probably will be buying this shit. They usually have more money then sense.
  • Brian
    what a croc of shit
  • raptorcigs
    are they making toilets now brian?
  • Sam
    Holy shit I want one.
  • Philip
    how can i get a pet beds like this for my pet..its looking nice and i surely want to buy this..

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