Bitterwallet's must-not-buy list: No. 2 - clog trainers

Keen-brained scientists recently discovered that running shoes probably do you more harm than good and that barefoot is the way to go if you want to avoid injury. Obviously, that rule doesn’t apply to the mean streets of our fair nation and their broken glass-strewn streets.

So where do these wooden K-Swiss trainers fit into the brave new world of Zola Budd-influenced running? Fucking nowhere, that’s where – they’re as pointless as a chocolate padlock.

Thankfully there’s only 25 pairs in existence, but for us that’s still 25 too many. Still, at least Brian May might get a pair – he only wears clogs you know (or so we heard.) AND his guitar was made out of an old fireplace as well.

We could go on, but we suspect you wouldn’t want us to…




  • william
    As pointless as a chocolate fireguard you mean.
    • Andy D.
      No. If I'd meant that I would have written that.
  • Rachel
    There are lots of variations on that phrase william...chocolate teapot is also common.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I don't wear these. I wear Nike Air Max, just like my hero Tiger Woods.
  • Keith M.
    I protest. I would eat said chocolate, thereby granting it purpose.
  • The B.
    I'm hard at the prospect of wood.
  • stephen
    Are these trainers for the splinter faction?
  • Dan
    About as useless as a cock flavoured lollypop...

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